Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lauren & Tim Engaged: Orlando, Florida Engagement: NYC Wedding Photographer

Michael and I have been working on the set of Destination Weddings and Honeymoons bridal fashion stories for a few years now.  When Lauren came on the scene in the Spring of 2010 and took over the role as the magazines art director, I could never have anticipated the kind of connection we would have.  Both on set, and off.  When it comes to art direction and photography we could not be more on the same page.  We found it eerie how quickly we began finishing each other's sentences, and basically reading each other's minds.  Aside from an uncannily well balanced professional relationship, we've developed a very deep and meaningful friendship.

SO! I was beyond honored when she asked me to be her wedding photographer.  She was a bit apprehensive at first, as she didn't like the idea of me "working" at her wedding.  But I explained to her that for me, it's not "work."  And all it means is that I'm the one who gets to spend the ENTIRE day on a very intimate level with her, Tim, and their families, and I wouldn't want it any other way.  But more about that later.  March 11, 2012 in Savannah, GA to be exact.

They flew me down to Orlando, FL a couple weekends ago to photograph their engagement session.  And what a great day we had.  It was 98 degrees outside, and something like 110 with the heat index, but that didn't stop us.  We hit up Leu Gardens first, which I would describe as basically being inside Jurassic freaking park.  Look at those HUGE bamboo shoots in the first image.  IN . . . SANE.  Next we had a little fun with their pup, Maggie, on the front porch of their home.   Then we took some quick pics at Orlando Wetlands Park, where Tim proposed a couple months back, before heading over to the Church Street Train Station in downtown Orlando.  This was my personal favorite part of the shoot.  We did some cute shots on the train tracks, which was lovely.  But all of the sudden there were two trains coming our way, one from each direction. They were so powerful and magnificent.  It was so amazing to be so close to them. I told Lauren and Tim to start kissing, and I just shot and shot and shot.  They were so in their own world, and the scene was just so stunning to watch, I actually got very choked up.  It was definitely an "I LOVE my job" moment.  It was like watching an old movie.  Breath taking.

Anyways, I'm PSYCHED about their wedding this coming March.  And I'm so happy that these two found each other.  The world is a better place with them together.

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  1. there are no words for how much we love these photos, alexandra. you captured us so perfectly. Thank you for documenting this exciting time in our lives, we truly will cherish these forever.